DIY Decorative Beer Pong Table

DIY Decorative Beer Pong Table

Moving into a house with six of my closest friends for my senior year of college was exciting. We knew we would be sharing tons of great memories, but would also need to share some furniture for the common areas.These great memories and furniture came together in one piece - our hallowed bottle cap beer pong table.Started as a pet project of our craftiest roommate, Lucy Brown, the table soon became something we all worked toward. Okay, so really Lucy did all the work, but the rest of us would oc …
Nov 13th 2020 Katherine Fitzgerald
How to Take Care of Stainless Steel Table Legs and Bases

How to Take Care of Stainless Steel Table Legs and Bases

Stainless steel is great because it is easy to clean and still has a shiny finish after many years. Unlike other materials, you won’t have to strip and refinish it to restore the shine. If you want to keep your stainless steel table legs and table bases fresh-looking for a long time, follow these easy tips.304 Stainless Steel InfoMany of our table legs and table bases are made of 304 grade stainless steel. This is also sometimes known as “food grade” because it is commonly used in kitchen …
Jul 16th 2020 Claire Fitzgerald

What are ADA Compliant Table Bases?

  TableLegs Online now offers ADA compliant table bases. But what is the ADA and what does it have to do with table bases? Don't worry, it's not complicated. What is the ADA? ADA compliant table bases follow the standards of the Americans with Disability Act. This act is the "Federal civil rights law that prohibits the exclusion of people with disabilities from everyday activities such as buying an item at the store, watching a movie in a theater, enjoying a meal at a local restauran …
May 16th 2018 Ken Fitzgerald

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Vacation

Preparation for vacation makes you feel like a juggler arranging the flight, booking the hotel room and deconstructing your entire closet to pack one suitcase. And while the point of this vacation-prep madness is to get away from stresses of home life, but you may be forgetting one thing: preparing your home for vacation. Just as you're preparing yourself to get away, there are to-do tasks to get your home ready for while you're away. Don't feel dread about these tasks, though. They can kee …
May 24th 2017 Luis Leonzo

PRESS RELEASE: Fall 2017 Scholarship Winner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Luis Leonzo, KE Hardware Inc. (410) 771-5556 (877) 220-3800 THE FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS OF AMERICA SCHOLARSHIP FALL 2017 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT Baltimore, MD. (May 12, 2017) - Table Legs Online is honored to announce the recipient of The Future Entrepreneurs of America $500 Scholarship, for the Fall 2017 semester. The winner is future Ohio State University student: Erinn Aulfinger of Liberty Township, …
May 15th 2017 Luis Leonzo