5 Backyard Decor Tips on a Budget

Our backyards get a lot of attention in the summer months. We use and abuse them for all types of parties and celebrations. They become our nearest outdoor go-to place for relaxation. Backyards are there to provide an atmosphere that you made your own, and no one else can change. 

We think basic backyard up-keep is an integral part of giving your space life. This article will not tell you to go out and buy crazy decorations, expensive fire pits, or hire rip-off artists to build you an above-ground pool and forget to check for cracks when done installing. What this article will tell you is where to start on your journey to find what works and what doesn't for your nearest outdoor go-to place for relaxation.

The Basics

Before you go DIY crazy by adding decor, demolishing decks, or re-grass your entire lawn; keep this in mind: Keep It Simple. This is only the first step, so it's a good idea to not go overboard too early in the game. 

Start by cleaning. Get rid of yard trash, or find a good place to store it for later use. 

We talked to our friend the Burger Aficionado to get his opinion on starting your backyard renovation on a budget. He made good points and recommendations. In his own aficionado style, this is what he had to say: 

From  Burger Aficionado

"The Burger Aficionado is not always eating hamburgers. Sometimes I like to spend some time in my backyard, grilling hamburgers. Now that summer has started I began to wonder something about my garden decor. Have you ever been in a backyard that makes you think 'how do they do it?' Whether it's a lush green lawn, a cool piece of art or a full sized outdoor kitchen we have been in some yards that give us total backyard envy. 

Truth be told, an elegant and upscale backyard can be achieved on a budget! We are here to help you find out how. We surveyed quite a few upscale backyards and found that what really makes them stand out are not the massive decks or the lap pools "" it is the overall pulled together feeling given by quality decor and accessories! 

Tip #1 - Manicured Yard. 

Having a well-manicured and tended to lawn, garden and yard will truly step up your backyard game by leaps and bounds! Green grass, well placed flowers and trimmed trees can do wonders for your aesthetics!

Tip #2 - Have a Gathering Place. 

This central spot in your yard will be a call to action for anyone who is back there. Having a central place with ample seating is a great way to pull your yard together for entertaining. I absolutely love a rustic garden table. Maybe a bench to a table - it is not only functional but high end as well! 

Tip #3 - Add a focal piece. 

Having a focal piece amongst the greenery in your backyard really pulls the look of the outdoor space together. One of our favorite solutions for this is to include a windmill or a fountain. These are classic options and they elevate your backyard. 

From  Room for Improvement

Time to Relax

Now that we have turned our backyard into a fabulous get away, it's time to relax. One thing I look forward to is the warm days of summer. Barefoot in the backyard, sipping cocktails is a happy place for many of us. While I can't promise the sunshine I can promise you that this drink recipe won't disappoint! This refreshing twist on a classic cocktail will have you longing for summer days.

What you'll need:

- 1 cup frozen strawberries 

- 12 oz soda water 6 oz strawberry vodka 

- 8 fresh mint leaves

- Large Pitcher 

In the large pitcher, lightly muddle the strawberries and 6 of the mint leaves then add in the soda water and vodka. Add ice. Serve in rocks glasses over ice and garnish with remaining mint leaves. A delicious hamburger, a cool drink, and beautiful yard; this is summer. Now I am ready to continue on my nationwide search for the best hamburgers in town at burgeraficionado.com

The Fundamental Takeaway

After talking to yard nerds, friends, and fellow bloggers, the takeaway is to start with the fundamentals. They all agree that the first step in sprucing up your backyard is maintenance. Start with cleaning your space by getting rid of old junk. 

There are many services out there that do this for you. A cheap way to do this is to call your local junkyard and see if they can pick up your junk for free. You can also look for ads on craigslist for cheap junk removal. 

From  Ryan's Cleanouts &Junk Removal

Maintain your shrubbery. According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, "Debris that builds up in the landscape can harbor pests and plant diseases." By pulling weeds, removing plant debris such as dead plants, you are taking preventative measures to protect your plants from harm. Prune plants and trees regularly to keep them healthy. 

Don't overwater your lawn. Experts say you should water your lawn deeply 2 to 3 times a week. Follow these great tips from GreenGrass Lawn Care:

  • Your lawn needs at least 1"-1 ½" of water per week, year-round
  • Water deeply 2-3 times per week, rather than daily
  • Water as early in the morning as you can, when possible
  • If you can't push a 6" screwdriver into your lawn, you're not watering enough
  • You will need to water more in the heat, especially if you have a fescue lawn
  • Don't water so long that it runs down the street
  • If you have automatic sprinklers, check them regularly to be sure you're getting complete coverage
  • If a brown area doesn't respond to watering, look for another problem

From GreenGrass Lawn Care

By: Luis Leonzo