Choosing the Correct Caster

Choosing the Correct Caster

When choosing a caster, there are many things to keep in mind. Picking the right option will ensure safety, mobility and stability.


Diameter is important for both aesthetics and functionality. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to move.

Caster Diameter


The height measurements on the site indicate the total height of the caster.

Caster Height


The width measurements on the site indicate the total width of the caster.

Mounting Options

You will find two different types of mounting options on our site:

  • With Stem: This caster has a threaded stem which will screw into the furniture, and thus requires an insert into which the stem can be screwed in.
  • With Plate: This caster has a plate which is attached to the bottom of the furniture using screws.



Caster With or Without Brake

You may wish to choose a caster with an integrated brake to increase stability and security, especially on slanted floor surfaces.

Load Capacity

Remember, load capacity does not just refer to the weight of the furniture; you must also take into account the load which is going to be supported by the furniture itself.

Floor Protection

For use on a wood or ceramic floor, choose non-marking casters which won't scuff the floor.


Finish is all about your tastes! With selections varying from retro to rustic, you can decide on the perfect finish and materials for your caster.

Once you've determined your preference for each of these categories, it will narrow down your choices for your caster, and help you decide on the perfect one!

(Images and content courtesy of Richelieu Hardware.)