Frankenstein's Custom Tool Box Has Been Found!

Last week, a buddy of mine came across a video of a cool looking mobile tool box/workstation. He's a gear-head, and gets excited over the smallest of mechanical tweaks, so I didn't think anything of it before he showed me the video. This build really impressed me once I saw it in action. If you like innovative inventions, garage projects, or even just imaginative DIY, then read on!

Now before I get into detail, just try to imagine for a second: a large tool box, the kind of tool box / workbench you might buy at hardware stores made to be kept in garages. Now, put ATV wheels and tires, a steering wheel, and a seat on it to make it mobile (kind of like the one I crudely put together in Photoshop seen below). Weird right? I thought it was a solid idea, maybe something to be used in an industrial,not yet automated, setting. 

My crude interpretation of my buddy's description of the machine. Fancy right?

This is what I was kind of imagining when my gear-head buddy was explaining it to me. Well, wait until you see the real thing. Check out the video below for a real look at the monster build. [edit: video is unavailable, we have replaced it with the following image]

From Pinterest

Impressed yet? This custom tool box was the brainchild of Porcellato Engineering's Brad Porcellato. Porcellato Engineering is Canada's Club Car engine rebuilder. Founded in 2001, Porcellato Engineering operates out of the Western Canadian Club Car dealer Attica Equipment Ltd.'s facility. 

Now before you go out and try to buy one of these innovative modern creations, unfortunately it was a one-time, one-of-a-kind build. According to Brad Porcellato, it took him and his team 1,000 total hours and a budget of $4,500 to create this beautiful monster! 

And don't try to buy this one off of him, because like Frankenstein's monster, it's not for sale. He was once offered $50,000CDN (that's roughly $37,900 US dollars) and turned it down. 

To build his creation, no plans were used. Brad says "It was scratch built without plans, starting with a 2x3in 1/8th wall tube frame. I had tool boxes all over the shop and decided to incorporate them into a work station. Everything you need is in one spot. Work stations increase productivity. We used a 48 Volt CC drive train / steering rack etc." 

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By: Luis Leonzo