Why Choosing the Right Caster Matters

From increased mobility to purely an aesthetic choice; picking the right caster for your table leg matters. Choosing to use a caster is only the first step, there are many factors that go into choosing the right caster for your furniture. 

The first, basic decision in choosing the right caster is deciding between stem mounted and plate mounted. Stem mounted casters work specifically with table legs and other furniture pieces that accept the stem. These are easier to install if they match up properly. Plate mounted casters can be bolted or welded underneath any type of furniture. They also offer a more stable mounting base than a stem caster.

Stem Caster vs Plate Caster

<4" Swiveling Stem Mount Twin Wheel and  4" Swiveling Plate Mount Twin Wheel

Many caster products are available in multiple dimensions. The wider diameter chosen, the more mobility you will get. Decide how much mobility is needed and how big of a wheel is aesthetically pleasing. Also consider what the caster will be supporting. The increased mobility of casters comes with a trade-off: a lower load rating. Casters often have ratings between 100 and 200 pounds. Even if your cabinet or table legs are strong, the caster may limit how much weight it can hold up. 

Another decision you will face when choosing casters is whether or not a brake is included. Breaks can be useful on slippery or slanted surfaces to keep furniture locked in place. They cost a little extra, but the added stability is well worth it.

Also consider the surface the caster will be on. If it will be on a wood or ceramic floor, consider non-marking casters such as the one below made of polyurethane.

Polyurethane wheel does not leave marks on wood floor

Swiveling Caster with Plate Mount

Last, but not least, is the choice of color/finish. Black, and gray colors dominate casters, but there are many other colors out there. Once you've determined your needs or preferences for each category, it will narrow down your choices for your caster and help you find the perfect one.

By: Luis Leonzo