Spring Fever: Top 3 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Spring time is a great time of year to dust off those tools and bring some of that wonderful energy into the house after the terrible winter we went through this year. I recently interviewed several property buying companies to see which springtime improvements add the most value when they consider buying or selling a property. I then used online property valuation tools such as ones from Property Cash Buyers to see the values before and after improvements. The value differences that I found helped me to narrow down the top three tips for sprucing your home up for summer.

Improve your patio

Spring Fever: Top 3 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer 

The seasons are changing, and now is the time to spruce up or build that soothing outdoor space. If you do not already have an outdoor patio or deck, now is the time to take on the project! There are many options for building an entertaining and welcoming deck or patio. Some of these options include building a wood deck, which you can customize with a stain and sealing treatment that coordinates with your interior, bringing the flow of your home into the outdoor space. Another option is to create a patio area out of paver stones. These bricks or stones come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties of material. In order to create this patio from scratch, the area to be paved must be leveled out. Then you can arrange the pavers in any configuration that suits you. Create waves of alternating colored bricks, use circular pavers and geometric stones to create an original design, or lay out your patio in solid brick to create a blank canvas for other outdoor decorations to take center stage. Bright new furniture pieces can give an existing patio area an instant face lift. Bring in the bright and vibrant colors of spring with contrasting pieces and accents. Another quick way to beautify your patio area is to add some new annuals. Greenhouses are bursting with exotic and fragrant flowers and plants this time of year. Create your own oasis by bringing your favorite ones home!

Remember the Kitchen!

Spring Fever: Top 3 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

The kitchen is the central gathering place of many households, and sprucing it up for spring can have a dramatic improvement on the feel of the entire home. Light, airy window treatments that bring in all the natural summer sun can open up even smaller kitchens. Try bringing in white or pastel colored curtains to give your cooking area a quick boost. Another way to give your kitchen a high value face lift is to refinish those cabinets. Either freshening up the stain on your natural wood cabinets or coating your painted cabinets with an updated color will make you feel like you are cooking in a whole new space! If you have the time, refinishing or replacing counter tops can bring a dingy kitchen back to life. There are so many options for this project, so make sure you do all your research to find the counter tops that fit your style!

Keep your home cool and comfortable

Spring Fever: Top 3 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer From: Family Handyman If your home uses central cooling, one of the unpleasant chores of spring is getting things running. By getting a jump on this task early in the season, you ensure that your supplies will be available, and if anything should go wrong there is ample time to course correct before the sweltering heat sets in! Filters should be replaced every six months, and you should take the time to clean your vents out at this point as well. This chore will keep you and your family healthy by getting rid of dust mites, pollen spores, and and other unsavory particles that build up in there. On the roof, you will need to make sure that all of the tubing and connecting pieces are in good condition and that the area is clear of debris.   About The Author "" Amanda is a property and home improvement blogger who has been buying and refurbishing properties along with documenting her journey to help other homeowners. You can read more of her articles on Decor, Decorating and Design.