8 Awesome Refurbished Table Top Ideas

Do you have an old table in your home that is looking a little drab and could use an update? Or maybe you salvaged a table from somewhere and you aren't quite sure what to do with it. Luckily, tables are a versatile item of furniture and there are many fun and exciting ideas that you can utilize to refurbish a table and make it a stand out piece in your home decor scheme.

1. Decoupage Table Top 

Decoupage is a quick, easy, and cost effective way to redecorate an old table. One of the great things about decoupage is that you can utilize different kinds of paper materials to create your ultimate table design. Old maps or sheet music can give your piece a more classic look while using old comic book pages brings a splash of pop culture to your home decor. This might be one of my favorite ideas for a refurbished table top. 

From Ross Herosian [edit: photo source website no longer functions)

2. Bottle Cap Table Top 

Recycling old bottle caps by incorporating them into table top design has become increasingly popular. Because there are so many different colors of caps to use there are virtually endless design possibilities. The only downside is that it may take a while to accumulate all those caps. 

From  Carissa

3. Stenciled Table Top 

Utilizing stencils is a great way to update a table by painting or staining a design onto the surface. Stencils are reusable, and versatile featuring many different types of design patterns. You can even create your own stencils to use! 

From  Girl in the Garage

4. Copper Penny Table Top 

Using Pennies for a refurbished table top is a similar process to using bottle caps. Although pennies are uniform for the most part, they still have enough differences in them to create fun and interesting design patterns. This is most easily done by using a mix of older circulated coins and pennies that are fresh from the mint. 

From  Callofthegame  

5. Ceramic Mosaic Table Top 

Adding a mosaic of ceramic tiles to your table top is another fantastic way to enhance an old piece of furniture. There are tile kits that you can buy or, if you are feeling ambitious, take some old dishes or other colorful ceramics that you no longer have a use for, break them up, and recycle them into your refurbished table top design! 

From  Pinterest

6. Hand Painted Table Top 

Hand painting a table may seem like an arduous task, but virtually anyone can create a fun and interesting design with a little bit of practice. There are so many options when hand painting and if you happen to have a natural talent for drawing then the sky is the limit when it comes to hand painted designs. 

From  Johnnie Collier

7. Distressed Table Top 

If you have an old table you can give it a makeover by applying paint and then use a distressing technique to give it a shabby chic look. Now, you may be wondering why you'd take an old piece, fix it up and make it look shabby, but you will still be updating the item and the shabby look is quite popular! 

From  One Creative Couple

8. Duct Tape Table Top 

Just a few weeks ago we did a post about washi tape tables. Since the immense popularity of washi tape, decorative tapes of all types has been on the rise. Duct tape is a strong tape that adheres well to surfaces and is more resistant to wear and tear. It comes in a large variety of colors and prints which makes it ideal for a refurbished table top.

From  DIY Inspired

No matter your level of experience, your design aesthetic, or what kind of table you are working with, there is always a creative and fun way to make a refurbished table top look great! Have you tried any of these designs or ones that deserve a mention? We'd love to read your comments below. 

By: Lisa Richardson