C-Shaped Bases

Choosing the right type of table base is not always a simple decision. C-Shaped Bases offer many advantages that may suit your situation.

C-shaped bases offer freedom of movement because of their 18" minimum clearance. Their mobility does not compromise strength and stability. The bases are built from 16-gauge steel; they can handle heavy duty commercial loads. The base's combination of mobility and strength give it an advantage over others.

C-shaped bases come in so many sizes and shapes; you can always find the right one for your needs. You can choose from 17 different base spreads, ranging from 15-1/8" to 38-3/4". The bases come in four colors: brown, black, silver, and white. They are made with single columns and double columns. The diverse options you have when choosing a C-shaped base allows you to tailor it specifically to your situation.

Nothing is more frustrating than having tangled wires occupying work space. C-shaped bases have specifically designed wire management series to keep your table base organized. Wire raceways are kept separate and each tube can be color coordinated to keep organization simple.

Wire Management C-BaseTwo Column C-ShapeDuraCast C Base

From left to right:  Oval C-BaseTwo Column C-Shaped BaseAlumaCast C-Base

C-shaped bases offer a variety of advantages that make them perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, and houses. Browse our selection.