Outdoor Inspiration for Small Spaces

Renovating and decorating outdoor spaces at home can be a challenging duty; the smaller the space, the bigger the challenge. Most traditional lawn and garden furniture is large and bulky. It can also be difficult to fit the design you want into your budget.  Stylish furniture that is small enough to fit your space can be tough to find. So, if you are thinking about redecorating your outdoor space in a fashionable yet cost effective manner it is important to utilize innovative ideas such as up cycling and renovating old furniture items. A few couple of things to keep in mind when picking out furniture for a small outdoor space:

Use folding tables

Outdoor Inspiration for Small Spaces One option for small spaces is to select furniture that is compact and can be easily removed when more space is needed. A table with folding metal legs is a great selection for outdoor spaces. These types of tables are not only durable but easy to maintain. The table tops can also be finished or decorated in a multitude of ways to fit in with any design scheme. You can create your own fold-able table by reusing an old table top and adding new folding legs to it. Another great thing about folding tables is that they can be put away quickly when needed. If you're having a backyard party and you need to make room for more people, this type of furniture works well.




Use UV Resistant material

Over time, sunlight can easily damage furniture that is placed outdoors.  Therefore, it's important to use material that is UV resistant for outdoor spaces, such as metals or glass table tops. These materials will help prevent damage from the unwanted and harmful rays of the sun. If you worked hard creating a stylish table top from a DIY project, or if it's made out of wood, you're going to want to protect the surface and make it last as long as possible this is where UV resistant glass table top overlays come in handy. These glass overlays will help keep your furniture from fading and breaking down from the sun's harsh rays. They are not only great for protecting from the sun, but also from food and drink spills. The bonus is that glass table tops are always in fashion.

Add a Pergola

Outdoor Inspiration for Small Spaces 

Add another dimension to your small space with a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion. These beautiful structures bring a variety of benefits to any size space. Add shade to an extra sunny space with a small, open-air gazebo. A gazebo has a complete roof, so this would be the best option for adding shade. This would be a great addition to a yard with no set foundation. A well constructed pergola, covered over by vine plants, can provide an equal amount of shade at a lower cost. Pergolas are constructed on existing foundations like wooden decks, concrete, or brick patios. Surround a white pergola with large potted plants and you'll have a nice Mediterranean look. 

Outdoor Inspiration for Small Spaces 

Your outdoor space should be designed to be a good place for relaxing, enjoying the weather and for gatherings with friends and family.  You'll want to pick furniture that fits the needs of the space and doesn't break your budget. To keep your furniture lasting longer, Fab Glass and Mirror is a company that has been making quality glass for table tops specifically for outdoor use. They are available 24 hours a day and are a Google certified company. About The Author: I'm Stone Sarah a passionate writer, blogger and social activist. I write home improvement, home decor, fitness, lifestyle, tech, Entertainment, SEO and well being niches believing that sharing is caring. Join me at facebook  stonesarah17 for feedback.