Modern Table Legs

Table legs are often thought of as simply a necessity, but modern designed and stylized products from Table Legs Online allow the owner a chance to add a sense of style. Here are a couple of our favorite designer legs.


For example, our Ellipse Stainless Steel Table Leg. Not only does it bring stability, but its unique chunky ellipse shape makes a bold statement. 

Ellipse Stainless Steel Table Leg



If you're looking for something a bit more elegant, try our V-Shaped Leg. The V shape at the top is easily visible on a table and can make a nice color contrast with a black tabletop.

V-Shaped Leg








Finally, S-Curved Legs have become quite trendy too. The whimsical design brings an instant boost of pizzazz to your table!

S-Curved Leg





For these table legs and more, be sure to check out our full selection at Table Legs Online!