15 Washi Tape Tables | Easy DIY Designs

Washi tape originates from Japan. It's similar to masking tape in that it's made of paper and easy to apply and remove to surfaces (like painter's tape). But it's also surprisingly strong and durable which makes it a great tool for decorating. Washi tape comes in a huge variety of colors and prints which gives you a lot of options for coming up with interesting designs, styles, and patterns.


1. Upgrade Basic Ikea Table

Here's a washi table top embellished with two different prints of tape. Because the table surface is white, leaving a space between the two tapes incorporates the white space into the design giving it a less busy feel. 


From  Upon the Waves [edit: they are now a private blog]

2. Overlapping Design 

Another great feature of washi tape is that many styles are transparent. This works out especially well if you are decorating a white table surface. As you can see in this design, the tape has been layered to create a fun mix of patterns where the various tape prints overlap. 

From  Facilisimo

3. Mix and Match 

A popular way to decorate tables with washi tape is to mix and match tapes of various sizes, colors, and patterns.

From  Pinterest

4. Tasteful Stripes 

Washi tape doesn't only work well on white tables, but other colors as well. This dining table was updated using four different tapes of the same size creating a colorful and tastefully designed striped pattern.

From  Her Philly

5. Fast and Easy Installation 

One of the best things about washi tape is that it's quick and easy. This plain table was transformed into a more colorful piece of furniture in only ten minutes. 

From  Lady Croissant [edit: Lady Croissant's original blog post has been deleted]  

6. Vintage Upgrade

A great way to upcycle an old end table is to update it with some washi tape. The colors and patterns of tape put together here compliment the style of the old end table they're applied to. This design retains the vintage look while giving it a fun upgrade. 

From  Pinterest

7. Woven Pattern 

If you're feeling a little ambitious you can use washi tape to create a more intricate design on your table. This small table got an intricate makeover with an almost woven look to it. 

From  Guidecentral

8. Chic Design 

With the colors and prints used in this project, washi tape added a shabby chic touch to this table. Adding a glass top gives the surface an extra layer of protection and helps preserve the integrity of the taped design. 

From  Oh Me Oh My

9. Modern Abstract 

Since washi tape became popular other tape brands have started putting out decorative lines. Here, a wider masking tape is used to create a simplistic and modern design pattern to upgrade this table top. 

From  L*M Creation

10. Child's Play 

You can even upgrade a children's play area with minimal effort by using washi tape to create roads on table tops for toy cars to drive on. Let the imagination flow! 

From  Mama.Papa.Bubba  

11. Pastel Rainbow 

The various colors of washi tape can be utilized in many ways. In this little table the tape was used to create a pastel rainbow. Another plus is that a table like this will fit in with many different types of decor. 

From  Our Life

12. Stencil-cut Designs

Washi tape has high versatility; it can even be used to create stickers. All of the designs on this table are made with washi tape which were cut from hand designed stenciled patterns to create flowers. 

From  Atop Serenity Hill  

13. Vibrant Styles

This is another great example of using washi tape to its fullest potential. Here, washi tape was combined with other decorative tapes to create a playful and vibrant design, completely remaking this old vanity table. 

From: In My Own Style  

14. Checkerboard Design 

You can even refurbish an old end table into a homemade checkerboard using washi tape. This design even gets the table legs in on the action. 


15. Desk Confidence Boost

Maybe you want to use washi tape but you don't want to cover your entire table? This simple design uses many different tapes to edge out the corners and give the table a nice centerpiece for focus. 

From  Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

No matter your style aesthetic, from vintage to modern, washi tape can be a great addition to most any table design. By: Lisa Richardson