Feng Shui Tips for a Better Bedroom & a Better Life

The history of Feng Shui is thousands of years old, but the lessons it teaches are timeless. When it comes right down to it, it's a smart and efficient form of interior design. The bedroom should be an oasis of relaxation, and Feng Shui embraces this idea. You don't have to be a believer in Eastern philosophy to see why that works. By following a few tips, you can also turn your bedroom into an oasis of relaxation. Just a few rearrangements can make a big difference. Ultimately, the bedroom is a space where your peace of mind is the top priority.

Easy Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

Tip #1: Stop Carrying Around That Extra Baggage

It's not just good Feng Shui, it's also a good tip for life in general. Clutter keeps you from getting a good night's rest because it fills the space with stagnant and chaotic energy. Too much clutter can also hold back your creative energy.

  feng shui bedroom interior design tips advice how to beginner guide By getting rid of clutter and making room for new items, you are making room for new life experiences. If you have trouble letting go, simply storing items out of sight can also help, such as with a storage bed. The point is to surround yourself with items that are meaningful to you.






Tip #2: Unplug From the World

Depending on how much you rely on technology, this tip can be difficult or easy. Take out the TV. Take out the computer and office desk. Take out the exercise equipment too, as well as any other electronic devices that aren't necessary. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary from the outside world. 

feng shui bedroom interior design tips advice how to beginner guide modern furniture

Rejuvenating your mind and body is difficult when you have items that redirect your attention. You can't focus when you're being constantly reminded about the world's troubles, the deadline you have at work, or the 10 pounds you want to lose before summer.

Tip #3: Reflect From Within

When it comes to reflections in the bedroom, the best kind are the ones that come from self-discovery. Mirrors are a bad idea according to Feng Shui because they block and redirect energy, causing it to bounce around like a racquetball. This chaotic energy can keep you up at night and prevent a peaceful night's rest. 

Modern Bedroom Furniture feng shui bedroom interior design tips advice how to beginner guide

Instead, mirrors are recommended to be used in adjoining rooms that are centers of activity. Such as a kitchen or living room on the first floor. This will help contain the energy within and keep it from interfering in your bedroom.

Tip #4: Take Command

The position of your bed is an important part of Feng Shui. The bed should be in what's known as the "command position." It should be in a place where you can see the door, but not directly in its path. This opens you up to receiving inspiration and guidance through your dreams and insights. 

feng shui bedroom interior design tips advice how to beginner guide

If you can't avoid facing the door directly, you can try using a footboard to block the incoming flow of energy. Being directly in the path of the door's energy can create a chaotic feeling, such as with using mirrors.

Tip #5: Spread The Love

If you are looking to improve your love life, Feng Shui can also help. Make your bedroom inviting for a partner by giving the appearance of equality. Give the bed equal space to walk on both sides, as well as a side table and lamp on each side. Another tip is to place decorative items in pairs, such as candles or indoor plants. This helps promote equality and partnership. If you're already in a relationship, make sure you're not sleeping on the same mattress from a previous relationship. The "baggage" rule applies here. Place wedding, vacation, and honeymoon pictures directly across from the bed, alongside images of places you want to visit together. Color is also a factor to consider. Beyond a peaceful night's sleep, Feng Shui is believed to help with your personal goals as well. Whether that may be finding the love of your life or the job of your dreams. For creative types, it helps put an end to creative droughts by making room for new refreshing energy. Everyone can benefit from a little Feng Shui. If you are searching for high quality Asian furniture for your Feng Shui bedroom, Tansu.net offers a beautiful selection of imported hand-made furniture.

By:  Cheryl Khan | Follow me on Google+