Wooden Car Takes the Streets

Wooden Toy Cars

I know what you're thinking, "What is so special about a guy that made a wooden car?" Well, this isn't anything like the toy cars you played with as a kid. 

This is actually a small subcompact-sized car that can carry up to four passengers, and runs on electricity. It might look like a powerwheel, but I'd advise you not to build one for your five year old, as it is speedy and lacks basic safety features (not to mention the large fire hazard a wooden car carries).

Wooden Car

From:  Sino Defense Forum

Mr. Liu Fulong, the car's creator, is a seasoned carpenter with over 30 years of experience in interior design. If you'd like to see this car in person, you'll have to travel to the great city of Shenyang, in Liaoning Province, China. I bet he'd appreciate the visit. It took Fulong only four months of work to create this vehicle, at a cost of roughly $4,800. 

From  ChinaDaily

The car itself looks to be styled after the Excalibur Series V Roadster. This beautifully handcrafted car is made out of pine wood. It runs on an electric scooter motor and can reach speeds of up to 35mph. Fulong gives his latest masterpiece a modest name: "3.0". This is in fact the third wooden vehicle he's built.  Can you guess the names of the other two? 

From  ChinaDaily

Mr. Liu Fulong hopes it will help promote his business by attracting more customers. This is great guerilla marketing if you ask me. The license plate number is Fulong's telephone number. Give him a call if you ever find yourself in need of a new deck in Shenyang, or just to say "nín hÇ┼Żo" (Hello in Mandarin)! 

You can see a quick clip of the 3.0 in action  here.

By: Luis Leonzo