PRESS RELEASE: Spring 2017 Scholarship Winner

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Baltimore, MD. (January 9, 2017) - Table Legs Online is honored to announce the recipient of The Future Entrepreneurs of America $500 Scholarship, for the spring 2017 semester. The winner is University of Phoenix student: Julian Miyata of Sarasota, Florida.

 Julian Miyata The Future Entrepreneurs of America ScholarshipJulian has been serving in the United States Coast Guard since graduating high school in Sarasota Florida. Julian is currently stationed in St. Petersburg Florida as an Aids to Navigation Technician, repairing light houses and fixing channels on the water. When he isn't working on a boat in the gulf coast of Florida, he's making big steps towards his future ambitions of becoming a successful entrepreneur. During the spring of 2016, he had been working with developers to create his recipe app CookDepot, which would allow users to find recipes catered to the ingredients they have at home. Due to complications during the developmental process, progress for the app ceased. Despite the setback and having almost completed his Associates in Communications, he decided to take positive action and finish his associates in information technology. He is currently pursuing a degree in IT to become an app developer and to create tools that will reshape how people use technology in their everyday lives. Julian embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of overcoming adversity to achieve success.




About The Future Entrepreneurs of America Scholarship:

Table Legs Online understands the high costs of pursuing higher education. Even with an early start, saving and budgeting for college can be difficult in this ever-changing economy. It's hard to predict costs, so they believe every bit of help matters. So with this in mind, the company presented The Future Entrepreneurs of America Scholarship in August of 2015. This scholarship awards innovative, forward-thinking students with a passion for business and entrepreneurship. To qualify, students are asked to write an essay answering three questions: In your opinion, what is it that makes someone an entrepreneur? In your opinion, what major characteristics do successful entrepreneurs exhibit, and why these characteristics? Describe your entrepreneurial experiences and why you would make a great future entrepreneur or business leader. Each year there will be two winners (one in the spring and one in the fall) that will be awarded $500 for books, living expenses, and other required fees. For more information on The Future Entrepreneurs of America Scholarship please visit: The Future Entrepreneurs Of America Scholarship

About Table Legs Online:

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