9 Unexpected Uses for Table Legs

Table legs have been underutilized for years. We see them on tables and furniture, but don't think twice about their other useful applications. Here at TableLegsOnline, all we think about is table legs. So, it makes sense that we come up with good (and weird) ideas every once in a while. Here are nine practical, and some wild ideas we thought up for our table legs.

Wind Chimes:

Who doesn't like wind chimes? Stainless steel legs would work great for this application. Stainless steel doesn't rust, so it can bear the brunt of any weather.

Melee weapon:

Walking Tall (1973) Movie Poster



From  Survival Life


Naturally, a table leg would make for a good melee weapon. Use it for the unavoidable zombie apocalypse, to keep the peace in a small town, or as a pinata bat.

Candle holder:

From  Pinterest

This is very popular on Pinterest. Stand-alone candle holders draw warm, welcoming attention to any space. Turn a Tulip leg upside down, add a plate to the top, and decorate for a fast and easy build.

Bird Bath/House:

From  Pinterest

Attach a plate, bowl, or bird house to a furniture leg and you'll have a sleek yard ornament. Paint and attach flower ornaments and other decorations for added pizzazz.

Cat scratching post:

From  Jackson Galaxy

If you like to have furniture serve multiple functions, and don't like commercial cat scratching posts that your cats never use, try wrapping a furniture or table leg with a thick natural rope to create a scratching post. This will give your cat an outlet and protect your furniture from damage.



From  Forever Decorating

Turn a furniture post into a lamp. The lamp above was made by drilling a hole all the way through the post and attaching the light fixture to the top.


Baseball bat:

From Mcgarnagle

Back in 1973, a Detroit slugger by the name of Norm Cash took a furniture leg to home plate to use as a bat. This was his way of confusing pitcher Nolan Ryan. The Simpsons paid homage to this in one of their episodes as Carl is prepared to take home plate with a piano leg.

Decorative wall/yard art:

From Lucy Designs

Turn your spare furniture legs into decorative art. There are plenty of Pinterest articles on decorating furniture legs.

Nun chucks:

From Survival Life

Turn your table legs into nunchucks by attaching them together with a chain. You'll need to take some nunchuck lessons for this one to work out without incident though. Perfect for self defense from a home invasion, fighting off persistent ninjas, or summoning the ghost of Bruce Lee. No home is safe without this security system. 

There you have it! There are probably hundreds of other uses that we didn't come up with so see if you can come up with any and shoot them over to us in the comments section. Or better yet, post them on our  Facebook page! 

By: Luis Leonzo