The Bright New Trend | 10 LED Tables

Want to add a little fun to your living space? How about a table with led lights installed to lighten the atmosphere?

Infinity LED table from Lou VTR

Tables with LED lighting installed are quickly becoming a trend for DIYers. Not only are these kinds of designs fresh and inviting, but you can potentially change the mood in a room simply by controlling the brightness and the colors of the LED lights. These innovative tables can brighten the mood of any room (literally)! 

Here's a fun example of a coffee table made by YouTuber yohash84 that brings a sense of playfulness into the room. In this project he used LEDs to create an interactive light surface that responds to touch! 

From Yohash84 on YouTube

Another YouTuber, Neon Shaun, came up with a unique way to incorporate LEDs into a table. In his table he used color changing LEDs in between the boards forming the surface to create a brilliant look and feel.

Color Psychology

How color can influence moods and emotions has been understood for a long time by designers and other artists. 

Some colors are associated with warmth or heat and tend to stimulate more intense moods and emotion; colors in the warm spectrum are red, orange and yellow. The colors that tend to be more soothing or relaxing are in the blue and violet range and they are associated with the cool spectrum.

What LEDs Bring to the Table

Compared to traditional incandescent lights LED bulbs of today have a much smaller environmental impact; they are six to seven times more energy efficient and they typically last up to 25 times longer! 

The other great thing about LEDs is their design. Because LEDs are designed so differently from regular light bulbs they give designers and manufacturers a lot of room to experiment with creative shapes and sizes. This makes LEDs perfect for these types of DIY projects. 

From Evil Mad Scientist

By choosing to incorporate LEDs into your table design you're not only bringing a sense of fun and innovation into the room, but you're also being eco-friendly by utilizing a light source that uses less energy! 

We have experienced this trend first-hand. In June we featured a blog post on a customer that created a concrete table top with built-in LED lights. There is no sign of this trend dying off anytime soon. 

When you're ready to create your own lighted tabletop, don't forget we have a large variety of table legs and bases to choose from! Here is a list of links with plans to build your own LED Tables:

By: Lisa Richardson