Selecting a Height Adjustable Table Leg

Height adjustable tables offer more flexibility as they can be moved along a range of heights according to the owner's preference. KE Hardware carries a variety of products to suit your needs.

To decide which table leg is best for you, first determine what your priorities are. Are you most focused on simplicity, appearance, or cost?


If you're looking for a simple and clean height adjustable leg, you have several options. The 6" Diameter Height Adjustable Peninsula Leg is sleek and comes in 14 different finishes. 

6                       Finish Selection




While each place and person has their own aesthetic, if you're looking for something sleek and shiny, we recommend our  36" Studio Height Adjustable Leg




If cost if your main concern, the  Height Adjustable Folding Legs still provide a range of adjustment for a significantly lower price. An unbeatable value, the PDLA folding table legs are not only height adjustable, but they are also easy to fold and store away. Another option would be the 2" Diameter Adjustable Post is is ideal for use in most residential applications like home offices, design studios. It would also fit well in a hotel or restaurant.

PDLA Height Adjustable Legs                     

  Height Adjustable Folding Legs (left) and 2" Diameter Adjustable Post (right)

We offer many other  height adjustable table legs that can fit your needs.