One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget

Is your home lacking that one statement piece of furniture or decoration because you can't afford it? You don't have to wait for your home to be chosen by a house makeover TV show, all you may need is just one dollar in your pocket! Here are some projects that were created at the cost of less than one cup of coffee. The following pieces from the Pratt Institute of Design were made with just one dollar and with materials found inside your own home: egg boxes, magazines, and plastic bottles to mention some. You'll be surprised at how easily you can recreate them and end up with the most impressive design pieces.

1. Sleeve Lighting Fixture by Sara Ebert

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget This lamp looks like an expensive piece from showrooms and upscale boutiques but it's not as priceless as you may think. Sara made this from an old sleeve from a sweater she bought from the Salvation Army and an apple juice bottle. You can recreate this DIY project easily and add character or mood by using different types of fabric. This lamp looks perfect in the living room or in the kitchen, but with the very cheap price - you can opt to have more than one anywhere you like. Experiment with different types of bottles and lighting, the possibilities are simply endless.




2. Metamorphosis Lighting Fixture by Sukmo Koo and Young Taek Oh

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget Literally, this piece is out of the box. Can you guess this was made from egg cartons glued together to create an interesting shape? Now you have more reasons to have eggs for breakfast and get started with this project! Hang them from the ceiling for that dramatic effect, direct a light to it or safely install a light bulb from the center of your work. Let you imagination grow further by painting your little creature of art for a more abstract touch.





3. Magazine Stools by Li-Rong Liao

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget If your home is brimming with old issues of magazines then instead of becoming dust collectors, turn them into magnificent unique stools. Each piece is of character, you can use them as mini tables or a resting place for your future magazines. You can even express your personality or industry by bunching magazines of the same topic, say homemaking, cooking, or fashion. Here's a simpler way to re-use rolled magazines as stools.

4. Orange Votive Candles by David Steinvurzel

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget Scented candles make any space smell like a million dollar but you don't have to shell off that much money. Get healthy and munch on some orange, save the peels and dry them off. Be creative and shape them into stars or flowers. Drop soy wax at the center and you can actually use the stem of the peel (if still intact) as the candle wick. These will add that fruity scent in any space especially in a powder room or even make them as gifts to your house guests.





5. The Paper Bailout Bag by Rebecca Marshall

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget Made out of old grocery bags and other paper products, this bag appears like a designer handbag worth more than a dollar. Rebecca oiled and heat pressed the recyclables together to make them stronger and even water resistant. This creation will make you think twice before buying another handbag and try designing your own. If you are not confident in heating or oiling, you try old fabric from clothes or bags to make them into something uniquely fash.

6. Plastic Children's Shelves by Hometalk

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a BudgetThis is a great way to use those plastic dollar store crates you can find anywhere. Just secure them to the wall, and you have solid shelves that can hold anything. The same idea can be used for the bathroom. This is a great idea to make use of empty walls on a budget!

7. Quick and Cute Canopy by Gravity-Gravity (Tumblr)

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget Canopy beds are expensive. But you can get the same design with a cheap piece of sheer fabric hung from the ceiling, or along your bed posts. You can do the same thing with any part of the house to give it an isolated feel (source).

8. Classy, No-Sew Throw Pillows by Sowelu Studio

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget Whether it is your bed, a chair or a couch, you can give new life to it with a couple of class throws. But don't waste your money; use the ones you have (or buy cheap ones second hand), and wrap them in the fabric of your choice (source).

9. Double Curtain Bathroom Makeover by Designed To DwellOne-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget 

Two shower curtains, a rod and a piece of wire art...none of these are especially expensive. But they completely transform the look of your bathroom in minutes! ( source)

10. Double Light With Twin Mirrors by Polka Pics

One-Dollar Design: Beautifying Your Home on a Budget Want more light and space in your room, while keeping a trendy edge? Two cheap mirrors secured behind two lamps can give you an incredible effect for next to nothing (source). Which one is your favorite? Read my article on boosting your creativity and let's get down to work! 

By  Jessy TroyJessy is a sustainable and creative blogger. You can follow her on Twitter as @JessyTroy.