LED Concrete Table - A Customer's Project

LED Concrete Table Customer Build

When shoppers come to us for furniture parts, it's for many different reasons. We work with people from different industries and backgrounds; from architects to restaurant owners, DIY'ers to individuals just looking for a particular item.

Our favorite calls are about people looking to use a table leg or two for a cool DIY project. Recently, we had someone come to us asking for some advice on weight capacity and outdoor use. He was wondering if we had table legs sturdy enough to hold a huge slab of concrete. This was the first time we'd heard a DIY'er attempt this. Naturally, our curiosity was piqued.

Concrete tabletop with  28 x 3" Desk Height Legs

He went on to mention that he was making a custom patio table made of concrete which he'd seen on DIYPete.com. His mission was to work on a project with his three sons. This wasn't just any simple concrete table build. This tabletop had incorporated coasters that had color-changing LED lights. It was even equipped with a built-in cooler deep enough for a case of beer. 

The only unappealing thing about the table design was the base. Leg room could be an issue with a large wooden base. 

Concrete tabletop with built-in LED coasters and ice cooler

The customer was looking to create this project using sleek table legs for a more modern look. He had some specific requirements that we had no problem meeting:

  • Custom height: Approximately 84" x 40"
  • Weight capacity: about 700 lbs.
  • Application: Outdoor use only
  • Delivery: Had to arrive within a few days for a party he was planning the following weekend

Whenever we hear folks say, "I want to use this outside", we immediately steer them to the Stainless Steel as they don't oxidize or rust due to its nickel content. We suggested our highly popular and durable 6700 Stainless Steel Legs. These legs are heavy duty, commercial grade legs. After further consideration, our customer decided it was out of his price range for the amount of legs he wanted. We then suggested our Desk 28" x 3" legs. These legs offered a sleeker design, are easily customizable, but came in standard metal (not weatherproof).

Leg Type Project Specific Pros Project Specific Cons
3" Diameter 304 Grade Stainless Steel Leg ·   Post is made of 304 grade stainless steel, weather resistant.
·   400 lbs. (200kg) vertical load rating per base.
·   Can be custom cut
·   Leveler foot allows additional 1" upward height adjustment for uneven floors
·   Expensive for this project.
·   Sold as single leg
28" x 3" Desk Height Leg ·   Multiple finishes: Brushed steel, Matte black, Polished chrome, Silver aluminum
·   Sold as set of four
·   Can be custom cut
·   Leveler foot allows additional 1" upward height adjustment for uneven floors
·   220 lbs. (100kg) vertical load rating per leg
·   Not recommended for outdoor storage/applications

After considering the options, the customer decided to go with the Desk 28" x 3" legs. They looked great in the end result. These legs weren't meant for heavy outdoor use so we made some recommendations.

To preserve the legs' integrity, and protect them from harsh weather conditions, we advised him to use Rustoleum. The only downside was that he'd have to treat the legs at least twice a year to ensure they don't rust. The end result looks fantastic.

Concrete tabletop with eight  28 x 3" Desk Height legs

This table measures 84" x 44"

Ice cooler in the center of the table

"The neighbors love it! Also will be showing it off for our 4th of July party!"

By: Luis Leonzo