Advantages of a Height Adjustable Table Base

Not sure what table height is best for your needs? If your table has to serve a variety of purposes, consider one of our height adjustable table bases.

Height adjustable table bases offer an ease of raising and lowering the table base to the desired table height. The height can easily be changed, depending on your needs. They are particularly useful in rooms that serve a joint purpose, such as a combined kitchen and dining room. Many also use them in home offices. Commercially, height adjustable bases are extremely beneficial in workshops, showrooms and displays.

Our Folding Arched T-Series, pictured above, has a 9" range of adjustment, allowing owners to select a height from 24-3/4" to 33-3/4", in 1" increments. Products like this enable owners to easily change table dimensions as their needs change.

Some of our other popular products include our  Levante Height Adjustable Stainless Steel Base, which ranges in height from 25" to 33", and our Motorized Adjustable Height Table Base, with adjustable height from 24-3/4" to 34-3/4".

Levante Height Adjustable Stainless Steel Base  

Table Legs Online offers a number of different styles of height adjustable tables. Browse our full selection by clicking here.