10 DIY Blogs to Follow this Summer

We've compiled a list of DIY blogs that you should be following, or at least be aware of. These blogs are related to DIY, craft, and lifestyle topics. To make the list, the blog has to be run by an individual or small group of people. We wanted to feature blogs that are NOT run by giant companies, but ordinary people doing inspirational work. The blogs featured here are in no particular order, and can vary in developmental stages. Some are more established than others, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily better. Without further adieu, here they are. Enjoy!

Lisa Weidknecht | Planet Weidknecht | @Weidknecht

Lisa Weidknecht is the blogger of Planet Weidknecht. Some of Lisa's favorite DIY blog posts include the renovations she and her husband have completed on their home. She also enjoys organic gardening, scrapbooking, and card making. Lisa lives near Austin, Texas, with her husband, while her three children attend Texas universities.

Planet Weidknecht

Dana Vento | DanaVento | @danavento

Dana Vento is a luxury lifestyle expert and DIYer. Her world of luxury is about keeping things updated and fresh. She enjoys shopping and lavishly living life out loud while sharing her achievements and failures with you online. As a mom of three, and a home owner, Dana always has something that needs tending to. She is easily inspired to write about every project she works on. Some of the fun over the last year has been: a new medicine cabinet, a family room redo, an additional bathroom, a new sink faucet, a curved shower hook and more. 

Dana is most proud of her outdoor upgrades; "where I change up beds, add-in new planters and totally revamp the look with fresh and fabulous greenery, plants and trees!" You will always find Dana invested in a new DIY, whether in the kitchen wielding a mean bamboo spoon, or outside nurturing a new garden bed with a spade as her trusty companion.

Dana Vento Blog

Dinah | DIY Inspired@DIYInspired

Dinah is SoCal Craft and DIY Blogger. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. Writing and getting creative is her passion and feels fortunate to do it every single day. Over the last few years she has created and published over a thousand craft and DIY tutorials on her blog, in magazines, and websites. Her website, DIY Inspired has been recognized by Martha's Circle, Parenting.com, and Real Simple Magazine. 

DIY Inspired Blog


Pete Sveen is an avid outdoorsman, entrepreneur, and DIY'er living in Bozeman, Montana. He got into building projects at an early age and has continued making things ever since. Projects on DIY PETE include woodworking, metalwork, and concrete tables. Pete's mission is to help and inspire as many DIY'ers out there as possible by creating inspiring, in-depth, and high quality video tutorials on YouTube.

DIY Pete Blog

Handy Mandy | Handy Mandy's Project Emporium

Handy Mandy is a teacher by day, a swing dancer by night and a DIY diva by weekend. "I'm attempting to live a champagne life on a box wine budget one DIY project at a time. The best way to get me to tackle any project is to suggest that I can't do it because I'm a girl" she tells us. Mandy has done everything from plumbing to electrical to woodworking; and has ripped entire rooms down to the studs for projects. "I don't plan to stop surprising people any time soon!"

Handy Mandy

Mike Aspinall | The Crafty Gentleman@MikeAspinall

The Crafty Gentleman is all about DIY and craft projects, primarily aimed at men. There are loads of projects on it. From woodwork to needlecraft, home décor to handmade gifts "" you're bound to find inspiration! Mike started blogging after he realized that there just aren't many craft blogs out there for men"¦ "So I set out to change this! I really love sharing my passion for making things with like-minded readers, hearing their feedback and even getting to work with some them on creative collaborations. Explore my world of DIY, I hope you like it!"

Chris Gardner | Man Made DIY@ManMadeDIY

Writer and maker Chris Gardner created ManMade as an opportunity to explore the emerging independent craft movement through the lens of the postmodern male. ManMade takes the movements in gender equality and inclusivity seriously. The "man" isn't a generic term lumping together men and women, instead, ManMade recognizes that all sorts of creative outlets can be realized by, for, and with men. Rosie can rivet, Chris can craft, and all demographics can DIY!

Mique Provost | Thirty Handmade Days | @30daysblog

Mique (pronounced: Mickey) started Thirty Handmade Days in 2007 when she realized that craft posts took over her family blog. Originally started as her to-do list with round up posts, Thirty Handmade Days has evolved to posting ideas and tutorials about creative projects. Mique loves creating printables, cooking good food, and thinking up gift ideas outside the box. "Never did I dream that 30days would lead to thousands of posts, being active in social media or close friendships." 

Heather Mann | Dollar Store Crafts | @dollarcraft

Heather Mann started Dollar Store Crafts in October 2008, and the site has since developed into a successful daily crafting blog with an emphasis on projects that are cheap, chic, and easy to do. 

Kristi Linauer | Addicted 2 Decorating | @Addicted2Decor

Kristi Linauer is an interior decorator turned blogger. She started her blog in hopes of inspiring people to be creative in their interior design endeavors. "I wanted it to be a place where I shared, taught, and inspired others to tackle their interior decorating projects on their own. I wanted people to know that they could have gorgeous homes, even if they didn't have a lot of money." 

Did we miss any note-worthy DIY blogs? Let us know in a post on our Facebook page! By: Luis Leonzo