DIY Decorative Beer Pong Table

Moving into a house with six of my closest friends for my senior year of college was exciting. We knew we would be sharing tons of great memories, but would also need to share some furniture for the common areas.

These great memories and furniture came together in one piece - our hallowed bottle cap beer pong table.

DIY Decorative Beer Ping Table

Started as a pet project of our craftiest roommate, Lucy Brown, the table soon became something we all worked toward. Okay, so really Lucy did all the work, but the rest of us would occasionally mix up our bottled beer selection to get the necessary colors to finish the pattern, as well as ask some of our favorite bartenders if we could have all their extra caps at closing time. All in all, the table held somewhere around 1,584 bottle caps.

Collecting the caps is the primary challenge, but once you've got those, you'll just need a door, resin, super glue, screws and folding table legs from Table Legs Online to make your own beautiful beer pong table.

Once you have your caps assembled, start by laying the door flat on the ground. You won't be adding the folding legs until the end. Remove the door knob, and pick an area where you can leave the door for an extended period of time - this will take a few days.

You can go for a random design, or a pattern as we did. Depending on the pattern, it may be easier to start in the middle and work your way out. You'll need to attach each beer bottle cap individually, using super glue.

Once the caps are locked in place, you need to cover the whole table in resin. This will create an even, smooth surface. To keep resin from oozing over the sides, we taped pieces of cardboard, about 4 inches taller than than the table around all the edges of the door for this step.

Cover in resin until the caps are fully covered. You can make it thicker if desired.

Once the resin has dried, it's time to add the legs. We used folding legs, since we would not always have the table out, and wanted flexibility in a small space.

If you're looking for something more permanent that folding legs, check out a post by our sister site, Table Legs Online, on how to make a door into a desk.

Using a ruler, make sure the legs are centered, and screw them in. And just like that, you're done! You now have a crafty table for any use, including, but not limited to, regulation style beer pong.

Questions or comments? Let us know below!

*Reminder to only consumer alcohol if you are 21 or older.