Hold Onto Summer with a Surfboard Coffee Table

Do you remember your last good summer beach trip? Maybe it was a trip to your local beach. Maybe it was a lavish getaway with your love to a faraway gem like Elafonissi Beach, in Greece

Remember the cool breeze, with its nautical smell approaching from the ocean, or the warmth that made you want to fall sleep on the sand under the stars? The night life, oh all the crazy parties!.. But I digress. With those flashbacks still fresh in mind, let's bring the groovy 60's back baby! 

In the early 60's, surf culture was just beginning to boom. If you were there, you remember the wave of new surfboards coming out. Even when hardwood boards began to fade out in favor of lightweight fiberglass and foam boards, there was still a big attraction about them. 

Adding a vintage surfboard coffee table to your man cave, office, or restaurant is a perfect way to keep that nostalgia going.

Surfboard with 15-1/4

Dig this, Malibu Wooden Surfboards are a great talking piece. All made to order, these tables are constructed out of Eco-friendly redwood. These longboard replicas come in various wood types such as beautiful African Sapele Mahogany, Ash, Wenga, walnut, Teak and gorgeous Royal Mahogany. 

Uphold your board, or any table, with our sleek aluminum  15-1/4" S-Curved legs. With a 800 pound (91kg) vertical load rating per leg, you can rest assured they support your kids' constant desire to live out your glory days by pretending to surf on the table. 

You can buy your surfboard coffee table today from  Wooden Surfboards. Choose between 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot boards. Browse their website for some great ideas. Now here's some choice sounds for all you cool cats, and sweet honeys out there:

Catch you on the flip side! Photo Credits:  Patrick Ruddy / Wooden Surfboards 

By: Luis Leonzo