How to Choose a Wood Table Leg

There is a wide variety of wood legs to choose from - furniture legs, reeded, roped, plain and more. We've looked at all of the choices you have to make and whittled them down into this guide that will help you find the right table leg for you.

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing a wood table leg.

Main Factors

1. Height

Table legs come in a variety of heights. The best height for you will depend on how you want to use it. They divide into the following sizes

Furniture legs are placed on the bottom of furniture, like couches, coffee tables or TV stands. Desk or office height legs are what you think of as a standard table or desk height. They're often used in educational and office settings and work well for kitchen tables. Counter top height legs are often used in kitchens for tables, kitchen island and peninsulas, counter top overhangs or breakfast nooks. They also work well for standing work stations. Bar or pub height legs are used for bar tables, bar overhands and bar extensions. 

If you need a table leg that is a custom size, Table Legs Online can custom cut your table leg. Just make sure the height is shorter than the original height - we can't make a table leg longer but can shorten it with a custom cut. 

Furniture Height Wood Leg

Furniture Legs

3" - 10"

Coffee Table Wood Leg

Coffee Table Legs

14" - 18"

 Dining Height Wood Table Leg

Dining Table Legs

27" - 30"

 Counter Top Height Wood Table Leg

Counter Top / Kitchen Island Legs

34" - 36"

 Bar Height Wood Table Leg

Bar / Pub / Bistro Legs

40" - 44"

2. Size

This measurement refers to the diameter for round legs and to the width and depth for rectangular or square legs. Be aware that many wood legs, especially ornate ones, use a combination of round and square sections.

Size - Width Depth - Wood Table Leg Diagram

Width and Depth

Size Diameter Diagram Wood Table Leg



3. Wood Species

Different wood species stain differently and have different levels of strength. See more details about wood species on this page.

 Alder Wood Species


 Cherry Wood Species


 Hard Maple Wood Species

Hard Maple

 Hickory Wood Species


 Paint Grade Wood Species

Paint Grade

 Poplar Wood Species


 Red Oak Wood Species

Red Oak

 Rubberwood Wood Species




4. Shape

Table Bases come in a variety of shapes.



Curves Table Leg


Elliptical Table Leg

Elliptical / Oval

Rectangular Table Leg


Round Table Leg


Square Table Base


Tapered Table Leg



Secondary Factors

In general, these are not main factors to most consumers, but are important to keep in mind and may be applicable to you.

Load Capacity Per Leg

The load capacity per table leg tells you the maximum weight that each leg can hold up. Take into account how much weight will be placed on top of the table too. 

Load Capacity Per Wood Table Leg

Load Capacity Per Table Leg



Style is all up to your aesthetic preference. Here are some table base styles below to choose from.

 Classic Craftsman Style Wood Legs

Classic Craftsman

Clean Lines Wood Table Leg 

Clean Lines

 Ornately Embellished Wood Table Leg

Ornately Embellished

 Restrained Elegance Style Wood Table Leg

Restrained Elegance

 Simply Adorned Style Wood Table Leg

Simply Adorned

Traditionally Inspired Wood Table Leg

Traditionally Inspired


Attachment Method

Some table legs come with mounting plates to attach them to the furniture. Make sure that whatever attachment method will work for your application.


Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing a table leg. We'd be happy to help you out.