How to Choose a Desk or Office Height Table Leg

How to Choose a Desk or Office Height Table Leg
Metal table legs for the home, kitchen or office are height adjustable, strong, sharp-looking, and built to handle heavy loads. Office height means desk height, or about 28" tall. This is also the same height leg for tables, work stations, conference tables, restaurant tables and any sit-down arrangement. Our table legs are perfect if you are looking to build your own desk or are looking for legs for a table. We offer the best selling line of 2-3/8" standard diameter desk legs in all the most popular finishes, as well as hard to find finishes that others do not carry.

There is a wide variety of desk or office height table legs to choose from - vintage with casters, sleek stainless steel, bar height, reeded wood legs and more. We've looked at all of the choices you have to make and whittled them down into this guide that will help you find the right table leg for you. Our desk legs are sold as single legs and sets of 4 table legs. Most legs are available in custom heights with hardware included.

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing an office or desk height table leg.

Main Factors

1. Height

Desk or office height legs are between 27" and 30" tall. The best height for you will depend on how you want to use it. 

If you need a table leg that is a custom size, Table Legs Online can custom cut your table leg. Just make sure the height is shorter than the original height - we can't make a table leg longer but can shorten it with a custom cut. 

2. Size

This measurement refers to the diameter for round legs and to the width and depth for rectangular or square legs.

Width Depth Diagram

Width and Depth

Diameter Diagram



3. Material

Table legs will be made from several different materials. The most common are stainless steel, wood and aluminum.

Stainless steel legs are great for restaurants, kitchens and outdoor tables. This is because stainless steel is rust resistant. If your table might be coming in contact with liquids on a regular basis, you may want to go with stainless steel. If you will be working with or near food, check out legs made of 304 "food grade" stainless steel. 304 grade is the most common grade of stainless steel and should be used in food preparation and dining applications. It is used because it is resistant to the corrosion caused by the acids found in fruits, vegetables and meat, and is very easy to sanitize. Aluminum is a great choice for a leg if you would like a lighter leg, as aluminum is not a very heavy metal but is still extremely durable. Wood legs bring personality and can often be painted easily to further customize.

Curvy Aluminum Table Leg

Aluminum Table Leg

Stainless Steel Table Leg

Stainless Steel Table Leg

Wood Table Leg

Wood Table Leg


4. Finish

Finish is the coating on the outside of the leg. There are dozens of finishes available, not to mention if you wanted to add a custom finish yourself, such as painting the leg. We do not recommend painting your leg as most legs are usually metal and they are finished with a special powder-coating. You can however paint your leg if you desire, just make sure you use a paint that is designed for metal applications. Wood legs present a good opportunity to custom paint, especially if they aren't finished with any coating.

The most common finishes are black, chrome and brushed steel. Custom finishes come in a wide array, ranging from white to brass to even champagne. There are also wood-metal combination finishes as well as stainless steel finishes. These two should really be listed under "Material", but some people list them under finishes. 


5. Shape

Table legs come in a variety of shapes. Desk and office height table legs are most often round and rectangular.



Curves Table Leg


Elliptical Table Leg

Elliptical / Oval

Rectangular Table Leg


Round Table Leg


Square Table Base


Tapered Table Leg



6. Height Adjustment

If you’re looking to adjust the height of your desk, counter or bar, you should opt for height adjustable table legs. Check to see how much adjustment it allows before selecting your choice. For many applications this isn’t necessary. But it could come in handy if you want to adjust between desk height and standing height or if you want to change from sitting height to bar height at a restaurant. Height adjustment can also help with making your furniture ADA compliant.

Height Adjustable Leg

28" + 4" Zoom Table Legs - Set of Four

Secondary Factors

In general, these are not main factors to most consumers, but are important to keep in mind and may be applicable to you.

Load Capacity Per Leg

The load capacity per table leg tells you the maximum weight that each leg can hold up. Take into account how much weight will be placed on top of the table too. 

Load Capacity Per Leg Diagram 

Load Capacity Per Leg


Style is all up to your aesthetic preference. Here are some table leg styles below to choose from.

 Classic Traditional Wooden Table Leg

Classic / Traditional

Colonial Table Leg


 Contemporary Table Leg

Contemporary / Modern

Fluted Table Leg


 French Provincial Table Leg

French Provincial

Greco Roman Table Leg

Greco - Roman

Mission Table Leg


Reeded Table Leg


 Roped Table Leg





Mobile vs. Fixed

If you want your table to easily move around, you’ll want it to be mobile. Otherwise, a fixed table leg will work for your purposes. A fixed table leg is not necessarily bolted into the ground, rather it is not equipped with wheels to create more mobility. Fixed table legs can be moved, but not with the ease of a mobile table leg that comes with wheels.

Attachment Method

Some table legs come with mounting plates to attach them to the furniture. Make sure that whatever attachment method will work for your application.


Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing a table leg. We'd be happy to help you out.