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The World Cup came to a close this past Sunday, with Germany’s 1-0 win over Argentina. The month long tournament was a chance to celebrate some of the greatest legs in the world. Here at KE Hardware, we celebrate great legs every day, and couldn't help but notice some striking similarities between our products and the stars of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Miroslav Klose – 28" Stainless Steel Table Leg

Ahh, a classic. Much like Miroslav Klose, stainless steel isn’t super flashy, but it’s durable and will perform well for years. The 36 year old German striker left his fourth World Cup as a record-setting champion.

Miroslav Klose 28" tall Desk Post Stainless Steel, 3" dia.

Over 24 World Cup matches, he scored 16 goals, besting Ronaldo for most all-time tournament goals. It is notable that all 16 of these goals came from within the penalty box, with the further being from only 12 yards out. Either way, Klose is still leaving with the hardware. Unfortunately though, that hardware being only the FIFA World Cup trophy, and not one of our top selling 28" stainless steel legs. Maybe next time, buddy.

Lionel Messi - Rolling Height Adjustable Table Leg

Below is a heat map via ESPN showing all of Lionel Messi's touches during the 2014 World Cup, as well as his four goals. He averaged 66 touches per 90 minutes, showing great range and mobility, just like our rolling height adjustable leg, which allows you to move vertically and horizontally with ease.

heat map via ESPN showing all of Lionel Messi's touches during the 2014 World Cup                 Rolling Height Adjustable Table Leg

Unfortunately, you need more than one to keep a table top/country’s dreams from falling to the ground.

Tim Howard – Stainless Steel Bolt Down Tapered Leg

The average weight of the 23-man US Men’s National Team is 170.65 pounds. Add in soccer cleats, shin guards, and the additional weight from playing in wet gear in an extremely humid Brazil, and you can easily tack on another ten pounds. With 11 men playing on the field, this adds up to roughly 1,987.15 pounds.

How does that relate at all to the 6” stainless steel bolt down leg, you might ask? Well, like Tim Howard, just one of these legs alone is capable of supporting 2,000 pounds.

6" Stainless Steel Bolt Down Leg - HDW517Tim Howard Goalie

In his 16 save performance on July 1st versus Belgium, Howard did just that. He put the 2,000 pound team on his back and carried them in a game that could have easily ended in a blow-out.

All 16 of Tim Howard's saves in one gif 

All 16 of Tim Howard's saves, via Yahoo Sports

Brazil Defense – Reveal Leg with Holes

Yup. I went there. Often celebrated as one of the greatest dynasties in international soccer, Brazil had the chance to write their own fairy tale in their own backyard as the hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup. While they did many things well, most spectators will leave with their last two performances fresh in their minds, in which they gave up a total of 10 goals. Like the Reveal Leg, the team was flashy and interesting, but in the end, full of holes.

Giorgio Chiellini Scratch and Dent

If the name Chiellini doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps this GIF will help.

The Italian defender is probably less well known than Luis Suarez, who bit him during Uruguay's 1-0 win over The Azzurri. Despite the chompers straight to the shoulder, Chiellini finished the game. Like Chiellini, our scratch and dent legs have been slightly mishandled, but are still in a perfectly functioning condition!

Scratch and Dent       

Cristiano Ronaldo – Wood Carved Reed Leg

Reeded Leg - 35-1/4"

I mean, they're cool to look at.

Any players or products you feel got snubbed? Let us know in the comments!

by Katherine Fitzgerald

Jul 18th 2014 Brad Leverrett

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