Rustic Kitchen Remodeling - A Retired Couple's Journey

Looking to re-do your kitchen? Here’s a little inspiration from one of our customers!

Full view of rustic remodeled kitchen

Full View of Remodeled Kitchen

She and her husband had started their rustic kitchen remodeling project back in March and finally finished in June. 20 years of being in the building industry (they are now retired), a million months of planning, and 3 months of execution culminated to what you see before you.

So where do we come in?

Rustic Kitchen Remodel cabinets, sink and appliances

Full view of cabinets, sink and appliances

Our contribution is mostly over in that vicinity.

Back in May, we helped this customer acquire these beautifully-textured iron pulls from Richelieu, one of the many major manufacturers we carry in our line of handles and knobs. Edit: we no longer carry this specific pull, but some similar ones include the Forged Iron Nail Pull in Antique Iron, the Forged Iron Rivet Pull in Matte Black Iron, the 96mm Forged Iron Track Pull in Antique Iron, and the 128mm Forged Iron Track Pull in Antique Iron.

Close-up of cabinets with textured iron pulls

They clearly did a phenomenal job of creating that rustic look trending in kitchens these days. And they’re not even big on cooking!

So when asked what prompted her to go through with such a major overhaul, she kept her response quite simple--the kitchen needed updating.

It was 20 years old, the cabinets, appliances, lights, (pretty much everything) needed a makeover, and, they REALLY needed a place for their gnome garden. [Last item may need to be verified]

So what advice does she offer prospective kitchen renovators everywhere?

  • PREPARE way in advance
    1. There’s going to be a lot of options, so you need to know what you want from the get-go
    2. The more you prepare, the fewer obstacles you will have to face
  • PREPARE to be flexible…there will be hiccups along the way
    1. Sometimes what you want won’t be available when you want it
    2. Sometimes what you want doesn’t work out the way it did when you envisioned it

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By Ha Kim

Aug 25th 2014 Brad Leverrett

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