Online Shopping: Get that Hunter-Gatherer Feeling in PJs with a Glass of Vino

I have a few acquaintences who don't like shopping. When faced with my barely suppressed confusion (possibly bordering on disgust), they start to try to explain their aversion with excuses such as they are overwhelmed by the choices, don't know where to start, get frustrated by not finding their style, wigged out by the germs, etc. Personally, it's an alien concept, and, I suspect, even a gene mutation. Who among us doesn't love the triumph of getting a bargain, finding discounted merchandise, throwing together a designer look on a miniscule budget?  For me, I find that in a store where I like the wipes for the carts, the strategically placed drinks and chocolate at the check out line, the magic skinny mirrors that are manufactured in a separate part of the same factory where the nice lady works sewing labels that make my size 10 body fit into the pants that say 8 slim. On the official label!

Shopping usually energizes me. Cool and attractive products inspire me and when I snare one, it makes me feel like I've accomplished a little something. Which precipitates the following exchange: Husband: Uh yeah, like spending money. Me: Zip it, Frugalface. I mean in a hunter-gatherer kind of way!" No need to document his response.

But a dear friend of mine, who doesn't so much dislike shopping as cannot carve the time in her busy, fabulous, well-appointed life, revealed -- with a massive eye roll -- that she satisfies her shopping jones using this great resource called the Information Highway or the World Wide Web. Thanks for the sarcasm, but as a supplement to hunting trips to the shopping wilderness, it's a perspective I can embrace. Partly because online shopping can be done in my PJs with a glass of wine. You can bookmark pages, fill your carts, change your mind, print out pictures, comparison shop, take the lasagna out of the oven and check your 4th grader's math homework (or, ahem, open a new tab in your browser and look up the answers) all while hunting for the elusive widget that will make your life easier, prettier, and more seamless. Bam.

Stay with me here; I am getting to the point. Which is ... KE Hardware is your widget wilderness, my friend, and you need to go explore it! I've been tracking the handles and knobs and kitchen storage to beautify and organize my life. When you are organized and efficient, you have more time to do the things you like to do. Such as shopping! (See what I did there?) Hunt and gather the resources you need to enhance your surroundings, stow your belongings, increase your organizational efficiency, and enable you to have more time to venture out into the actual wilderness!

By Bridget Gorman Wendling

Aug 20th 2014 Luis Leonzo

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