4 Must Know Home Decorating Ideas

Home decorating never goes out of fashion as everybody wants to add the necessary tweaks to their place to light things up. If things have been outdated lately and you want to change them up, you might consider some home decorating ideas that can change the look and feel of your home. Running out of ideas or want some fresh ones to get started? Keep reading below.

Choose the Paint Color Last

4 Must Know Home Decorating Ideas

Many homeowners tend to choose the paint color of their house last. In fact, homeowners are usually making these calls at the last minute to make sure that they are painting the walls right. The truth is that paint should be chosen as the very last step of the process. There are thousands of different paint colors with tones, shades, and tints that you can choose from.

Moreover, the paint will vary from home to home. You should choose a color that best fits your artwork, rug, upholstery or whatever other decorative items you have or want on your room. It is advisable to choose the paint color last to make sure it complements the rest of the house well.

There are certain specifics of painting walls that can change your house up as well. For example, you can choose to go for painting one out of the three windows that there is. You can even choose a separate color for one of the windows. The choice is yours. However, know that whatever you implement will bring a different change in your house so you might want to put a lot of consideration in painting and choosing the paint color.

Space Out Your Furniture


Anything that is cluttered does not look good. Furniture is one of the things that we add to a home and it is the most important part of any house. However, a lot of homeowners make the mistake of cluttering the furniture and that is absolutely wrong. You should resist from overcrowding the room and start living graciously. Gracious living means that you can change anything with ease. If you are on a tight budget, you might consider using the resources that you have.

What you need to know about furniture is that you do not need to fill a space with a lot of it. You should try to spend your money wisely, on better quality pieces, because it will make sure that your room looks neat and uncluttered.

You can even get custom furniture made that will be beneficial to you in every regard. It will change the way you think about furniture and who knows, you might strike a decent deal as well. Hot tip: raise furniture off the ground for a more neat look.

Re-purpose Old Furniture

Repurposed Microwave makes a cat bed

Chances are, you have an old piece of furniture collecting dust in your garage or attic. re-purposing is actually easier than you think. An antique bedside table can be used in a nook, or living room corner to add character to a space.  An old tube television can be hollowed out and used as a pet bed or kid's toy storage. This also adds uniqueness and makes a great conversation starter.

Artwork and Its Placement

Last but not least, you should hang the artwork in your house at the right height. Galleries hang artwork in the mid-line and you should probably do the same. Don’t over clutter your house by placing the wrong artwork here and there. Artwork decorates your home like no other and brings light to any space there might be.

Decorating the house is something everybody does. If you are looking to do the same, the three tips mentioned above could be of some help.

Jan 17th 2017 Luis Leonzo

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