DIY Wineglass Holiday Decor and Gifts

Excess or inexpensive stemware can be transformed into holiday decor or gifts with just a little paint, glue, and glitter and a lot of whimsy! I know what you're thinking; I, too, appreciate the original purpose of the wine glass. But if you are looking for a clever gift or a fun DIY wineglass holiday decor project, just grab some stemware and check out what you can achieve.

First, you can purchase single pieces of stemware for a dollar and change at your local dollar stores, big box stores and outlets. You can purchase already- hand painted stemware at stores like Tuesday Morning, which could work for some of the projects.

DIY Wineglass Candle Holders

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DIY Wineglass Holiday Candle Holders. An upside down wineglass is no cause for alarm in this scenario.  To create a festive table centerpiece, group three or four decorated wineglasses together and add candles. You can place bright bulbs  under the globe of a large goblet. Or, trim a holly tree or other evergreen and place the trimmings under the globe. For the upright version pictured to the left, simply purchase fake snow at the craft store, place smaller bulbs in the glass and add a tea light or small taper candle. You can always embellish with ribbons, bows, bells, and even small pieces of greenery.

DIY Wineglass Snow globes

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DIY Wineglass Holiday Snow Globes. Why not create these unique and whimsical snow globes to get you in the holiday spirit? Any size or shape wine glass will yield a sweet, retro and, most importantly, original, holiday decoration or gift.

  • Supplies: You can find what you need at craft stores such as Michaels® or A.C. Moore, or your local hobby shop. You'll need your wineglasses, some fake snow, glitter, cardboard, glue gun and glue, and your choice globe scenario figurines -- small evergreen trees, deer, santas, carolers, angels, villages or other quaint seasonal figurines.
  • Assembly: Trace the mouth of the wine glass on the cardboard and cut it out for your base. Glue the scene to the cardboard. Let it dry. Fill about 1/4 of the wine glass with snow and glitter,  and then apply hot glue around the rim of the glass. Carefully lower the scene into the globe of the wineglass, placing the cardboard base carefully onto the hot-glued rim. Press the edges and turn your glass over to let it snow on your little vignette!
  • Enjoy: Place a candle on the top. Group a few together on a tray or a mantle for greater effect.

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DIY Wineglass Holiday Decor

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DIY Wineglass Holiday Decor. There are so many options for using inexpensive stemware to liven up your Christmas decor or to create hand-crafted original gifts for your friends and family. Here are some tips for painting Christmas-themed wineglasses:

  • Clean the glasses thoroughly, dry them, and then wipe down with white vinegar to ensure all soap is off. Allow to air dry for 15 minutes.
  • For projects like the soldiers in the middle, use enamel paint that you can purchase at the craft store. Follow the instructions on the paint as to whether or not you need to cure the paint in an oven after your design is complete. This is not a difficult step, so don't let it intimidate you. But don't skip it either!
  • If you want super straight lines or want to avoid drips or smears, use tape. Have a cloth handy to correct errors. Be sure to let a section dry before adding details on top, such as the buttons on the stems to the left or the dot details along the hat.

Want to add a little glitter and a lot of personality to your DIY wineglass holiday decor? Check out how this creative blogger made the ones above, to the right. They are fun and she gives a great tutorial on how to use the Krylon glitter paint (which I can buy at my Walmart) and a variety of accessories to create the fun candle holders to the right.

If you are going for an elegant look such as the floating votive above, simply purchase fresh cranberries, cut some greenery, arrange it in the wineglass, place the votive in and carefully add water around the votive. The garland around the bottom of the glass can purchased at craft stores.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for using wineglasses this holiday season. Cheers to your efforts!

By Bridget Gorman Wendling

Dec 21st 2015 Bridget Gorman Wendling

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