A Pop of Color: Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Crave a pop of color? "Jewel tones are so last decade," said my sister with an air of authority. "It's all about shades of silvery blue and elegant grays these days," she declared. And she seems to be right. But I am a color-craver and not especially elegant, so I sought out creative ways we color-cravers can sneak some color into our homes. So not only am I a color-craver, but now I am also a subversive decorator.

A Pop of Color: Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Paint the staircase.  The example below is beautiful, practical, unexpected and pretty darn elegant all wrapped in one—brilliant! Using paint that is specifically for floors or that is labeled for porch or patio will be the most durable. These blues are fantastic, but you could also paint a runner or even add numbers to the risers. For more examples, cool ideas, and some inspiration, check out this Houzz Ideabook.

Ombre Painted Stairs

Two words: Colored Grout. Your kitchen's tile backsplash is a great spot to incorporate some whimsy. Using colored grout will highlight your tiles and a little unexpected pop. There are numerous shades, or you can mix your own using acrylic paint. You can use metallics to glam it up or bright colors to make you smile. That's right, grout can make you smile! Check out some successful grout projects at Lushome.

Colored Grout

From: Lushome

Paint a small wall or nook a bright color. A perfect solution for the commitment-phobes, cheapskates, and lazybones among us. You can crank this project out in a few hours, tie the color together throughout the room with a few well-chosen accessories and pretty soon your diminutive little wall or nook has a great big personality.

From: BHG

Paint your radiators. I love this idea.  Why not take a utilitarian piece of metal and have it make a statement? Some people hide them or build covers for them them, but I think this is such a fun idea. You'll want to do your research, but one quick hint is to use oil-based paint. 

These are just a few ideas to get the DIY juices flowing. If you tackle one of these bright ideas for adding pops of color on your own, please share pictures!

By Bridget Gorman Wendling

Aug 28th 2015 Bridget Gorman Wendling

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