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Post Legs

Offering a huge selection of table legs and bases for designers, architects, contractors, and home owners.

For Home Owners

Want to find a replacement table leg for your dining table? Looking for just the right option for your remodeling project?

You don’t have to be an expert to repair an old piece of furniture or design a brand new one! Choose from a full collection of products with easy-to-understand descriptions, measurements and installation instructions. Our sales people are here to help you find the style, finish, and price you are looking for.

For Professionals

Designing a new kitchen for a client? Outfitting a large commercial space?

We have the perfect solution.

  • Stainless steel bases, metal table legs, bases for glass tables and wooden furniture feet, desk legs
  • Styles for commercial, office, residential, and restaurant spaces
  • Bar height, counter height, desk/seating height, or custom height