Lift-A-SYST Quick Installation Guide

1. When properly positioned, the mounting bracket must be mounted on the same vertical plane as the countertop hinge. If the hinge is attached to an overhang, use a spacer such as a wood blocking of appropriate thickness. The spacer must be securely fastened between the mounting bracket and the vertical face of the base cabinet to align it with the hinge.

2. Position mounting template on base cabinet. Mark centerline of Lift-A-SYST on base cabinet. Position template as shown and attach with tape. Mark and drill mounting holes.

3. Position mounting bracket so that base cabinet holes are in the center of the slots. Secure the mounting bracket to the base cabinet using five 5/16" bolts, washers and nuts. 

4.Connect arm to cam. Slide arm over cam and align holes. Insert two 1/4” diameter bolts and secure with nuts. 

5. With the countertop door held open in a 90 degree vertical position, fully extend the lifting arm/door bracket assembly. Rotate door bracket to sit flush on underside of door. Mark the location of the four mounting holes. Secure the bracket to the door, utilizing four #10 pan head screws, allowing for a minimum of 3/4” of thread engagement into underside of countertop door.

6. Insert tension adjuster (1/4” set screw) into hole as shown. For initial setting, screw until top of adjuster is flush with bracket surface. While holding door at 90 degree position, turn tension adjuster clockwise with hex key. Turn until unit will support counter door. Cycle door from fully open to fully closed position. When properly adjusted, door will remain stationary when released at any point. 

7. Attach by hooking the ridge inside of each cover into the notches at the top of the mounting bracket. Rotate each cover down into the closed position. Align cover holes with the threaded holes at the bottom center of the mounting bracket.

8. Secure each cover with one #8 pan head screw.