If you are building a table or installing a new counter top, you will need to know the overall weight of the top in order to determine the appropriate vertical load rating needed for any table legs or table bases you choose.  Granite, wood, stone, all have different weights by size.  In most cases you will not have the option of placing your top on a scale to get an exact measurement.  Table Legs Online has got you covered.  Here is a chart that will help you calculate the approximate weight of your counter top or table top.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Measure in inches the components of the countertop or table top to include the trim and substrate material. Add measurements to the table below to calculate the countertop or table top weight.

BRONZE X X X0.321= 
CORIAN X X X0.0613= 
GRANITE X X X0.09936= 
MARBLE X X X0.0926= 
MDF X X X0.029= 
PLYWOOD X X X0.024= 
QUARTZ X X X0.0867= 
STONE X X X0.0972= 
WOOD X X X0.022=