Finishes of Table Legs

Four popular finishes for our table legs are:

  • Chrome polished ◄
  • Black glossy       ◄
  •          Brushed / Stainless  steel  ►
  •          Black flat          ►

Please note: Not all table legs are available in every finish.  The colors that they are available will be shown on that page.

  • Matte Steel          ◄
  • Brushed Chrome   ◄
  • Alumina (Ridged)   ◄

Other finishes include dark grey metal (no longer available); brass polished; black textured; white; black semi-gloss, silver aluminum and chrome polished.  Please also look at the picture below to get another representation of the finishes. It's more realistic of those 3 finishes.
Finish colors of the table legs

The picture directly below have been exposed slightly differently to show some of the color variations that result from different photography settings.  Brushed chrome is shown all the way to the right with the blue table top.

On certain of our table legs we have different suppliers and hence some of the finishes are slightly different.

Wood finishes on table legs
Several of the wood legs that wrap around their metal interiors are available in different species.  Some finishes will require lead times for these legs.

Alumina - ridged finish -- click for close up of texture



Silver aluminum (RAL 9006)

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