How do I Choose the Right Table Base Spread?

We work with a wide array of clients whose backgrounds include custom contracting, architectural construction, and interior design. We even work closely with the random do-it-yourselfers just recently inspired by a posting they’d stumbled upon when browsing through Houzz or Pinterest.  Although from different backgrounds, a common concern our customer service department hears often is “I like this table base, but which base spread should I pick?”

Many of the table bases that we offer are not only available in different heights and finishes, but most have different base spreads. In simplest terms, a base spread is the size or dimension of the lower section of the base which rests on the floor. The base spread helps determine and define the maximum amount of stability your table will have. In general, the smaller the base spread, the smaller the table top it will be able to hold. You wouldn’t want to use a base with a 6" base spread on a 48" table… at least not if you want your table to stay standing upright.  Bases will usually come with a base spread of 12" up to 60" for some really large bases.

How do I Choose the Right Table Base Spread

What may seem like common sense, in some cases can be a bit tricky. As a guide, we typically inform users that no more than a third of the table top should overhang the table base support. This information is good if the application is based solely on a single base being used. Typically a single base provides more room for easier seating like at coffee shop, café, or kitchen area where space is somewhat limited.

In the case of a table top which is larger (traditionally a larger rectangle or racetrack shape), two or more bases would be required depending on the span or size which needs to be supported. The good news is that all of the table bases on our website have helpful specification tables to assist you in determining which base spread size will work with your table top shape and size. 

How do I Choose the Right Table Base Spread

 It’s important to note that our recommendations are based solely on manufacturing specifications. We’re fully aware that every installation and application is different. Based on the use of the table base, the suggested base spread sizes may vary compared to how you will be using them. Simply put, even though the base looks great, you should always double check to make sure that it will be able to support your table top.