14-3/4" V-Shaped Leg

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  • 14-3/4" V-Shaped Leg
  • 14-3/4" V-Shaped Leg
  • 14-3/4" V-Shaped Leg
  • 14-3/4" V-Shaped Leg
  • 14-3/4" V-Shaped Leg
  • 14-3/4" V-Shaped Leg
$33.79 - $43.79


This one-piece aluminum table leg has a unique mounting plate. Attaches to furniture by resting on a flange in back of the leg. This allows the beautiful profile to be fully visible from all angles (see application photos). The legs are very sturdy and can handle most furniture loads. Perfect for the designer as well as the homeowner, furniture maker, and hobbyist.

  • Height: 14-3/4" (375mm)
  • Finishes: Brushed Aluminum, Polished Aluminum
  • Material: Aluminum
  • 200 lbs. vertical load rating per leg
  • Mounting plate - Solid 1/2" thick aluminum, all part of the single cast leg
  • Mounting plate dimension(s) - Five sided, varies from 3-1/2" to 4-1/4" wide x 4-1/2" deep to the "V"
  • Sold as single leg

Mounts to outside edge of furniture. The height outside of leg sits above the flat plate ranges from 3/8" at the "V" to 1-1/2" at the highest point. Curved corners are about 3-7/8" away from the "V".

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Color/Finsh :
Brushed aluminum, Polished aluminum
Cutting :
Cannot be custom cut
Diameter :
Diameter / Width (Leg) :
Function/Application :
Designer Legs
Height :
Material :
Mounting-Style :
Integrated mounting plate
Height Adjustment :
No Height Adjustment
Load Rating :
200 lbs (91kg) static vertical load
Packing Units:
Shape :
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