Reduce Energy Loss: For Homeowners and Renters Alike

There are two seasons of the year when you don’t have to worry much about energy loss – spring and fall. Other than the nice, pleasant days that you get during those seasons, you have to use technology to keep your home comfortable. Take advantage of those nice days by finding easy ways to save money and energy in your home. Heating and cooling is easily the biggest energy cost in a home and conserving energy is vital in any home. It accounts for about 48% of all the energy a house uses. Shaving that cost down a bit can make a huge difference in your energy bills. The following 8 ways will save you energy, whether you rent or

Stand Out At a Trade Show

A trade show is a great place to get your business and product promoted and sold. These events are perfect networking centers full of potential buyers, future clients, and PR opportunities. They aren’t going anywhere either. According to Statista: “In the U.S., trade show still remains one of the most profitable business-to-business (B2B) media strategy, as trade shows generated more than 12.6 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2015.” This is not a marketing strategy you want to forgo. If you have the opportunity, take it, but not without going prepared with knowledge from the following experienced pros.