Spring time is a great time of year to dust off those tools and bring some of that wonderful energy into the house after the terrible winter we went through this year. I recently interviewed several property buying companies to see which springtime improvements add the most value when they consider buying or selling a property. I then used online property valuation tools such as ones from Property Cash Buyers to see the values before and after improvements. The value differences that I found helped me to narrow down the top three tips for sprucing your home up for summer.

How to Make a Whiteboard Table

Whiteboard tables are a great tool for collaboration. A collaborative environment gets you to better results faster. By promoting cooperation, you are ensuring seamless and effective work flows. Take for example a school setting. Student collaboration works better when everyone can contribute with an all-inclusive collaborative tool. The chalkboard is one example of such tools. Since everyone has equal access to it, ideas grow faster and better results are achieved because more brains are working.

Renovating and decorating outdoor spaces at home can be a challenging duty; the smaller the space, the bigger the challenge. Most traditional lawn and garden furniture is large and bulky. It can also be difficult to fit the design you want into your budget.  Stylish furniture that is small enough to fit your space can be tough to find. So, if you are thinking about redecorating your outdoor space in a fashionable yet cost effective manner it is important to utilize innovative ideas such as upcycling and renovating old furniture items. A few couple of things to keep in mind when picking out furniture for a small outdoor space:

Dinner table etiquette is something we probably overlook on a daily basis. Do you follow etiquette rules to the letter, or do you have a more relaxed approach to table manners? Some countries are more strict on proper etiquette than others. The following infographic shows just how much of a difference you will experience when traveling to these countries.