Reduce Energy Loss: For Homeowners and Renters Alike

There are two seasons of the year when you don’t have to worry much about energy loss – spring and fall. Other than the nice, pleasant days that you get during those seasons, you have to use technology to keep your home comfortable. Take advantage of those nice days by finding easy ways to save money and energy in your home. Heating and cooling is easily the biggest energy cost in a home and conserving energy is vital in any home. It accounts for about 48% of all the energy a house uses. Shaving that cost down a bit can make a huge difference in your energy bills. The following 8 ways will save you energy, whether you rent or

Woodworking for beginners – 5 basic tricks that will help you start crafting like a professional

Woodworking is awesome. You can do so much with so little and make it look so good, while having a good time. Anyone can do it. It’s a matter of cutting, gluing, nailing, and screwing wood together, topped off with a finish. BUT, to do it right, ending up with a nice project takes a bit more, so we offer the following 5 basic tricks that will help you start crafting like a professional. That’s what you’d like, right? You want to be proud of your woodworking projects and you’d like others to admire them and the work that you put into them. Most of all, you want to complete nice looking projects. You don’t want to end up with